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Protein on demand

Biopox s.r.l. offers to customers a complete package, from gene cloning to protein expression, purification and characterization. The availability of a range of well-established prokaryotic and eukaryotic model expression systems together with our expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry and fermentation technologies, allow us to optimize each step of the production process assuring the highest product quality at the lowest price.


  • Host cells are selected depending on the gene involved (post-translational modifications, molecular folding).
  • Gene sequences are optimized according to the selected host, and expression vectors are customized according to customer needs
  • Fermentation conditions are set-up, and production process is optimized on lab and pilot scales at our own facilities.
  • Conditions for optimal extraction and purification are defined. Sample purity is assessed through our quality control system.
  • If required, mutagenesis of the target sequence is available for customers.


Address: Viale Maria Bakunin, 12 - CAP 80125 - Naples (Italy)
Email: info@biopox.com

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