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Waste - water treatment

Water is a rare and precious commodity, and only an infinitesimal part of the earth’s water reserves (approximately 0.03%) constitutes the resource available for human activities. Besides the problem of water shortage, the huge amount of wastewaters discharged in the environment by the ever-growing industrial activities of the last century, has risen serious environmental concerns about water pollution.

In light of this, the recycle of properly treated industrial effluents at the “end of pipe” would be extremely desired. The increasingly stringent environmental regulations on hazardous wastes have encouraged the search for innovative solutions for the remediation of contaminated wastewaters.

In this field, bioremediation through the use of fungi and their oxidative enzymes, is seen as an attractive solution due to its reputation as a low cost, environmentally friendly and publicly acceptable treatment technology. Laccase is a promising enzyme is wastewater treatment having shown encouraging results in degradation and detoxification of several water pollutants: phenolics, synthethic dyes, endocrine disrupting chemicals.


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